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What are the differences between enclosures protection levels? Rittal reveals the secrets for you

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key word:Rittal cabinetrittal coolingrittal busbarrittal fanrittal electric cabinet 


Customers who are familiar with Rittal must know that the Rittal TS8 
Rittal enclosures has always been trusted by customers for its high protection performance. Its protection level can reach IP 66/NEMA 4, which can effectively protect the inside of the Rittal enclosuresfrom moisture or dust.
To obtain IP 66/NEMA 4 certification, you need to pass the UL50E Hosedown test and the IEC60529 IPX6 test. What are the differences between these two test standards? Can they be used interchangeably?
UL50E Hosedown test requirements:
Water main spray test (this test is a test requirement for Type 4 and Type 4Xratings enclosures):
1. The housing and its external mechanisms should withstand the water flow from the hose;
2. Have a 25 mm inner diameter (1 inch inner diameter) nozzle that provides at least 240 liters per minute (65 gallons per minute);
3. Water should be directed at all joints from a distance of 3.0 - 3.5 meters (10 - 12 feet);
4. The nozzle should move once along each joint at a uniform nominal speed of 6 mm/second (1/4 inch/second);
5. Conduits can be installed to balance internal and external pressures, but should not be used as sewer pipes;
6. If, at the end of the test, no water has entered the enclosure, the enclosure shall be deemed to have met the requirements.
Test requirements of IEC60529 X6:
The IPX6 test is carried out using a 12.5mm nozzle, by spraying water from a standard test nozzle towards the enclosure in all possible directions.
The conditions to observe are as follows:
1. Nozzle inner diameter: 12.5mm;
2. Conveying rate: 100l/min ±5%;
3. Water pressure: Adjust to achieve the specified delivery volume;
4. Test duration per square meter of shell surface area that may be sprayed: 1 minute;
5. Minimum test time: 3 minutes;
6. The distance from the nozzle to the shell surface: between 2.5m and 3m.
It can therefore be concluded that enclosures that meet the requirements of the Hosedown test (UL50E, clause 8.6) are capable of meeting the IPX6 requirements (IEC60529, clause 14.2.6), but enclosures that meet the IPX6 requirements still need to be evaluated against the Hosedown test requirements.
Rittal TS 8 Rittal enclosures has passed numerous certification tests and uses high protection to protect the electrical equipment in the Rittal enclosures from moisture and dust, ensuring the stable operation of industrial production. In the future, Rittal will continue to innovate and develop reliable products, provide customers with professional full-value chain digital solutions, and help more customers transform intelligently and achieve high-quality development.

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Rittal cabinet, rittal cooling, rittal busbar, rittal fan, rittal electric cabinet

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