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The industrial revolution sets sail again: Hannover Messe witnesses the wave of Rittal innovation-Rittal cabinet Rittal enclosures Rittal electrical cabinets Rittal electrical cabinets Rittal air conditioners Rittal fans Rittal PDU

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key word:Rittal cabinetrittal coolingrittal busbarrittal fanrittal electric cabinet 


Rittal cabinet, rittal cooling, rittal busbar, rittal fan, rittal electric cabinet Rittal enclosures


Rittal, Eplan, Cideon and GEC: Hannover Messe explores digital transformation and sustainability

In industry, digital transformation and sustainability have become a focus. At the 2024 Hannover Messe, four companies including Rittal, Eplan, Cideon and German Edge Cloud (GEC) jointly participated in the exhibition, jointly demonstrating the close integration of digital solutions and sustainable development. The event not only explored the latest ideas and solutions in key areas such as industrial automation, panel manufacturing, energy transition and smart factories, but also highlighted the importance of partnerships to create greater added value.


With complex situations such as the global economic slowdown and supply chain challenges emerging, industry is facing unprecedented instability and volatility. However, the need for digital transformation and sustainability is growing. Markus Asch, CEO of the Rittal Group, noted: "The principle of industrialization of entire processes and systems requires the intelligent combination and coordination of software and hardware. However, this only works if data consistency is achieved throughout the entire value chain." This reflects Understand the close connection and mutually reinforcing relationship between digital transformation and sustainability.

Rittal cabinet, rittal cooling, rittal busbar, rittal fan, rittal electric cabinet Rittal enclosures

Markus Asch said:“At Hannover Messe, we will demonstrate the results and potential of our cooperation and how we can seamlessly increase our customers’ efficiency and productivity throughout the entire value-added process.

In the field of industrial automation, Eplan presented the Cable proD software application for the first time, as well as the "eView AR" application with augmented reality capabilities,providing users with the future direction of virtual wiring machines.And Cideon demonstrated the Sparify software application, which simplifies the complexity of parts management. These innovative software applications increase the efficiency and consistency of engineering design and provide strong support for digital transformation.

In terms of panel manufacturing, Rittal has launched a series of advanced solutions, including the AX Rittal enclosures series and the new CX console system, as well as Rittal Air Conditioner energy-saving cooling solutions. At the same time, they also demonstrated more automated cutting terminals and new machines to further improve the efficiency and productivity of the workshop.

Rittal cabinet, rittal cooling, rittal busbar, rittal fan, rittal electric cabinet Rittal enclosures

Accelerating the energy transition: Substations as standardized industrial systems ensure time and cost reductions and provide standards-compliant design and digital twin operation.
For the energy transition, EPLAN offers complete industrial systems, including industry-specific equipment and parts lists, providing feasible solutions for the
expansion of energy systems. RiLineX 60mm 
Rittal busbar system platform from rittal demonstrates the further optimization potential of system technology.Rittal busbar sets new standards for power distribution equipment.

In the field of smart factories, the German Edge Cloud has achieved comprehensive coverage of digitalization through the ONCITE Digital Production System (DPS),
from digital transparency and consistency to fully digital factories, further promoting the digital transformation of industry. Smart factories enable more
efficient production management through AI-powered processes and AI-based visual quality inspection services.

To sum up, companies such as rittal, Eplan, Cideon and GEC are showcasing the latest advances and solutions for digital transformation and sustainability at
Hannover Messe 2024. Their partnership not only provides customers with more choices and more efficient solutions, but also points the way for the future
development of the industry. As digitalization and sustainability continue to advance, industry will usher in more robust and sustainable development.

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Rittal cabinet, rittal cooling, rittal busbar, rittal fan, rittal electric cabinet

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