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SK3238600 Rittal Air Conditioner Filter Fan, 55m3/h, 230V 19W, Width 148.5 Height 148.5, Opening Width 124 Height 124, EMC electromagnetic compatibility diagonal flow self-starting shrouded pole motor - Made in Germany by Rittal - Rittal Cabinet Air Conditioning, Rittal Power Cabinet, Rittal Busbar, Rittal Fan SK3238.600

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Rittal EMC Air Conditioner Filter Fan, including 1 piece, weighs 2kg

中文版 SK3238600
Product brand: Rittal

Rittal air conditioning fan-and-filter units Model: SK3238600
TopTherm fan-and-filter units EMC
Complete fan unit with EMC shielding for tool-free mounting on surfaces. Air throughput from 20 - 900 m3/h, standard protection category IP 54.
SK Fan-and-filter unit TopTherm, 52/63 m3/h, 230 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz, WHD: 148.5 x 148.5 x 16 mm, EMC
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Product description
EMC fan-and-filter units offer a high shielding/attenuation effect and meet requirement category 2 to EN 61587-3.
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Supply includes
Complete unit ready to install, including chopped-fibre filter mat
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Fan
Axial, shaded pole motor
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Air throughput (unimpeded air flow)
Air throughput at 50 Hz: 52 m3/h
Air throughput at 60 Hz: 63 m3/h
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Air throughput with outlet filter including chopped-fibre filter mat (quantity x order number)
1 x 3238060: 36/42 m3/h
2 x 3238060: 46/54 m3/h
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Rated operating voltage
230 V, 1~, 50 Hz/60 Hz
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Rated current max.
At 50 Hz: 0.12 A
At 60 Hz: 0.09 A
■ Rittal Air Conditioners  Power consumption Pel
At 50 Hz: 15 W
At 60 Hz: 14 W
■ Rittal Air Conditioners  Dimensions
Width: 148.5 mm
Height: 148.5 mm
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Installation dimensions
Build depth: 16 mm
Installation depth: 58.5 mm
■ Rittal Air Conditioners  Mounting cut-out
Cut-out width: 124 mm
Cut-out height: 124 mm
■ Rittal Air Conditioners  EMC version
To improve energy efficiency and extend the service life of the devices, we recommend the use of thermostats or temperature displays
■ Rittal Air Conditioners IP protection category to IEC 60 529
IP54 with chopped-fibre filter
IP56 with chopped-fibre filter and hose-proof hood
■ Rittal Air Conditioners  Protection category NEMA
Type 12 with chopped-fibre filter
Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X with chopped-fibre filter and hose-proof hood
Miniature circuit-breaker/fuse: 2 A
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Service life of fans (L10, 40 °C)
At 50 Hz: 68,200 h
At 60 Hz: 68,200 h
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Operating temperature range
-15 °C...55 °C
■ Rittal Air Conditioners Storage temperature range
-30 °C...70 °C
■ Rittal Air Conditioners  Noise level
At 50 Hz: 46 dB(A)
At 60 Hz: 49 dB(A)
Packs of
1 pc(s).
2 kg

See page 459 of rittal36 sample (36 sample download) for details. Download item 5 after opening

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