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VX Rittal enclosures base system diversified modular base The new innovative VX base system realizes advanced functions and application diversity - Rittal air conditioner Rittal electric cabinet Rittal cabinet Rittal fan Rittal PDU Rittal busbar Rittal accessories

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Rittal enclosures base VX base system
Versatile, modular Rittal enclosures base
The new innovative VX base system offers advanced functionality and application diversity. This Rittal Air Conditioner solution combines all existing base functions. At the same time, it offers new application possibilities and can be combined with VX.VX IT.VX SE.TX.PC.CX consoles and IW.
The VX Rittal enclosures base system consists of the following products:
Base corner connectors. Equipped with base trim. Front and rear
Rittal enclosures side base trim
The base system has a high level of stability. And it is flush with parallel Rittal enclosures. Therefore, it is possible to choose to install ventilation trim or trim with brush strips on the side or replace the front/rear trim.
All trim can be clamped on the corner connector or screwed. Depending on the application of Rittal Air Conditioner, it is possible to choose not to use trim between parallel Rittal enclosures or to use trim with a height of 100 mm or 200 mm to reinforce the base angle connector.
The VX base system is equipped with a wide range of accessories and is compatible with Rittal enclosures accessories. It can be used in almost all installation, transportation, cable entry, cable fixing and base extension situations of Rittal Air Conditioner.
Other solutions:
Side cable entry by installing a 100 mm base trim with brush strip
Rear cable entry by removing the base trim of one or more Rittal enclosures base angle connectors and replacing the trim with brush strip

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