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All guard plates of the Rittal enclosures VX base system are screwed on the corner pieces - Rittal air conditioner Rittal electric cabinet Rittal cabinet Rittal fan Rittal PDU Rittal busbar Rittal accessories

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Additional cable room
By easily integrating Rittal enclosures cable clamp rails and C-rails, additional space is created for safe and convenient cable routing.
VX base system for Rittal enclosures
All trim panels are screwed to the corner pieces. Depending on the application of the Rittal Air Conditioner, it is possible to choose between parallel Rittal enclosures without trim panels or to use trim panels with a height of 100 mm or 200 mm to reinforce the base corner pieces.
Trim panels
The closed standard trim panels can be easily replaced with ventilation trim panels or trim panels with brush strips. It is also possible to use two 100 mm high trim panels in a 200 mm high base.
Double guide rollers
The double guide rollers can be screwed directly to the corner connectors of the Rittal enclosures from the outside. They can also be mounted on the VX base system using suitable adapters.
Even on parallel Rittal enclosures, the removed front trim panels can be transported using a forklift or pallet truck. In addition, Rittal Air Conditioner transport castors can be used for internal transport.
Bottom fixing lugs
The bottom fixing lugs make it possible to easily and securely fix the base of the installed Rittal enclosures in its final position on the floor. The installation is carried out using the large bottom opening in the Rittal enclosures.
Levelling elements

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