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key word:Rittal cabinetrittal coolingrittal busbarrittal fanrittal electric cabinet 



Rittal enclosures VX cabinet 180° hinge: endless possibilities for opening doors

In the era of rapid development of modern technology, Rittal electric cabinet have always been an important part of the network and communications industry. In order to meet the ever-escalating needs, Rittal not only provides high-quality Rittal cabinet products, but also continuously innovates and improves its accessories, such as VX Rittal enclosures 180°hinges,to provide users with a more convenient and efficient use experience.

The leading fashion design of VX Rittal electric cabinet 180°hinge

The 180° hinge of the VX Rittal cabinet is an important part of the Rittal enclosures,and its model is VX cabinet 8618341. This hinge breaks through tradition in design and extends the door opening angle to 180°, eliminating the need for cumbersome mechanical processing, making it more convenient for users to use. The core material of this innovative design is precision cast steel, and the surface treatment is chromium-copper-nickel, which not only ensures the product is strong and durable, but also gives it a stylish appearance.
The art of opening doors without machining
One of the biggest highlights of the VX Rittal electric cabinet 180°hinge is that it can be installed without machining. Users do not need to spend extra energy and time on tedious mechanical operations. With easy installation, the door of the Rittal enclosures can be opened 180° to fully display the equipment and cables inside. This feature not only improves usage efficiency, but also makes Rittal cabinet maintenance more convenient.

Suitable for various Rittal electric cabinet door types

The wide applicability of the VX Rittal enclosures 180° hinges is also one of the reasons for its popularity. Whether it is a steel door or a stainless steel door, this hinge can easily do the job. Moreover, it is not only suitable for individual Rittal cabinet door types, but also perfectly matches the VX cabinet series of Rittal electric cabinet.No matter which type of Rittal cabinet door you choose, VX cabinet 180° hinges provide you with excellent performance and convenient use.

Safe, stable, and trustworthy choice

The VX Rittal electric cabinet 180° hinge not only looks stylish, but also pays attention to product safety and stability. It is suitable for door installation up to 900N and complies with the UL 50E model rating to ensure the safety of Rittal enclosures users during use. Whether in data centers, communication base stations or other network facilities, VX Rittal cabinet 180° hinges are a trustworthy choice.
Rittal's VX cabinet 180° hinge has become a pearl in the field of cabinet accessories with its unique design and excellent performance. Not only does it meet users'
needs for high quality and efficiency, it also incorporates fashion elements into the design, making the 
Rittal enclosures not only a functional tool, but also a
fashionable decoration. Choose the VX cabinet 180° hinge, the options are endless, and open a new era of 
Rittal cabinet.

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Rittal cabinet, rittal cooling, rittal busbar, rittal fan, rittal electric cabinet

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